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If you’ve been looking for ways to get into Cryptocurrency but had no idea where or how to get started then you have come to the right place.

Bitcoinfella is a website dedicated to helping people get started in the ever growing cryptocurrency world.

We share almost anything related to the cryptocurrency’s sphere and teach you how to open a wallet professional trader in the crypto-currency field then there’s lots of content related to that.

I believe you are here because you very much interested in Bitcoin, well I am too. And this is the reason why I started this blog. I got started in bitcoin in late 2015, I was much puzzled by how bitcoin works.

Who Am I?

Hi my name is Besana Motha I’m the founder of bitcoinfella.

I’m also the founder of another growing blog called Khonala(right here). I’m a passionate blogger and enjoy sharing my knowledge with the rest of the world.

I started a few blogs back in the day after completing my studies.

I’m also a passionate online marketer, I love helping people, I explain things to the best of my ability.

If you don’t find me reading books you will find me writing, sharing digital marketing techniques is also my thing.

If you are like me then let’s take a ride together, into the crypto world, I would be happy to hear your views on some of my post, leave a comment or contact me through the contact form.