Types of bitcoin scams you should know about

types of bitcoin scams

All of the types of bitcoin scams fall under high yield investment programs(HYIP). A high yield investment program is any type of investment that requires you to deposit funds and promises you a guarantee return of more that the initial amount you’ve invested.

All legit investment programs will not guarantee you any thing. Only cryptocurrency scams will do that.  They will state clearly where the profits will come from. They will also state the potential looses you might face. Read more

How to Get a bitcoin debit card in South Africa

get a bitcoin debit card in South Africa logo

If you are in south Africa and want to get a bitcoin card, you would ask yourself how do you get a bitcoin debit card in South Africa. There’s a huge number of online business that accept bitcoin online and but if you want to spend your coins without converting them to fiat currency then you can do so buy using bitcoin debit card.

With a bitcoin debit card you make payments on almost any type of POS system. You can also withdraw cash from an ATM. Read more

Companies that accept bitcoin payments

companies that accept bitcoin as payment

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency is been well received by most companies. Now there are hundreds of companies that accept bitcoin as payment. The aim of creating bitcoin in the first place was to have a decentralize global economy.

This has been heard by many other governments in the world which led to accepting bitcoin as one of official currency. Japan became the first country to allow Bitcoin as the accepted currency. Read more