Bitcoin paid to click sites: How to make money with PTC sites

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There’s just too many ways to earn bitcoin and bitcoin paid to click sites can also help. The concept of paid to click comes comes a long way. Bitcoin PTC sites allow you to earn free bitcoins for clicking ads.

There were many paid to click sites even before the beginning of Bitcoin. Those sites paid people in ordinary currency. The earnings can start from a few cents $0.001 to as high as $0.90 per click.

This is one of the methods to making money online by clicking and viewing ads. This can be a much better way to earn free bitcoins than using bitcoin faucets since PTC sites pay more.

Some ads can take up to 60 seconds to fully load. And you will be compensated in smaller amounts for clicking on it. Those smaller amounts of bitcoins will accumulate in your dashboard until you reach the withdrawal limit.

You are required to solve a captcha in order to prove that you are not a robot.

How paid to click sites work:

Advertisers – advertisers buy ad spaces on paid to click sites and are able to set up an amount they are willing to pay for a click. An advertiser is a online marketer some one who has a offer to promote online.

The advertisers are people who are looking for traffic on their sites.

Using paid to click to sites offers them a higher chance of getting quality traffic they are looking for. So in a bitcoin paid to click sites an advertiser will specify how much he’s willing to pay in for a click in bitcoin.

How you can earn in bitcoin paid to click sites:

Click and views ads – You can view ads once or twice a day in some PTC ads. The ads can pay you small amounts of bitcoin in mBTC. Bitcoin PTC sites often pay 0.001mBTC to 0.05mBTC.

You can withdraw bitcoins to your bitcoin wallet one you reach the minimum payout. Or the bitcoins will be automatically sent to your wallet.

Membership – The are free and premium membership in most PTC sites. The free members get less benefits compared to premium members. If you want to make higher amounts in PTC sites you should upgrade to premium.

Is some PTC sites free members can only view limited ads per and/or they can not view premium ads which pay much better than free ones.

Referrals – Another way of earning money in bitcoin paid to click sites is to get referrals. The PTC site will reward you for bringing them more users to their site.

Here’s are some of the bitcoin paid to click sites:

BTC Clicks

BTC Clicks is one of the reliable bitcoin paid to click sites. The site was established in 2013 and it brings needed traffic to online marketers

  • Ads per day: up to 30 ads
  • Pay per click is up to: 0.05mBTC
  • The minimum payout: 0.1000mBTC
  • Premium membership: Available
  • Payment Processor: Bitcoin
  • Withdrawal: You can request for  once you reach the minimum payout.


Also one of the old bitcoin ptc sites, with CoinAdder you can earn small amounts of bitcoin in Satoshi. CoinAdder earning are usually small since a user gets to click less ads compared to other ptc sites. There’s no premium membership in CoinAdder.

Paid to click sites that pay in dollars and us Bitcoin as a processor:


Neobux was established in 2008, and is still one of the longest running ptc sites. It accepts Bitcoin payments. You can earn from $0.001 to $0.05 for clicking ads, and completing micro tasks.


The top bitcoin paid to click sites that I would recommend is BtcClicks and Neobux. They have a goo reputation of sending good traffic for advertisers and they also pay their members.

For you to earn higher amounts of money you should buy the premium membership. That will allow you to double your earnings.