Bitcoin Web Hosting

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Gone are the days of struggling to make online payments when starting a website or blog, bitcoin web hosting companies have arrived or web hosting that accept bitcoin and other altcoins.

When it comes to website hosting and making payments it became a big issue since most most hosting companies use paypal or credit cards.

But since some people can use paypal or credit cards in some countries then there should find an alternative payment method.

This is where bitcoin payments come in, web hosting companies need to adopt this new payment method.

The web hosting that I prefer is namecheap

Besides bitcoin makes it easy to make any type of payment either online or offline. All you need to do is get a bitcoin wallet and buy bitcoins and you are good to go.

On this post bitcoinfella will give you some of the web hosting companies that accept bitcoin as payment.

Web hosting companies need to offer more than just a huge shared hosting space, 24/7 uptime, and a 24/7 support.

Payment processors play a huge role as well, the so called regulated payment systems have been failing many online businesses.

What you should look for in web hosting company:

Price – High prices do not mean high quality service all the time. There are some cheap web hosting companies that will offer you good quality service. So look for a company that will give you high quality service at a affordable price.

Domain registration – You need to find a company that can let you register a domain with them. In some cases you can register a domain with one company but host your files with another. That’s if you don’t trust their hosting.

For that to happen you will have to change your nameservers and use nameservers of the company you want to host with.

Disk Space – Is very important to choose a big disk space especially if you are planning to start a big website.

Besides website files some of the things that take a lot of disk space are images. Images will take more spaces than usual, you should learn to compress your images before uploading them though.

If you are using wordpress, you can can try a few plugins to see which one works for you. The plugin I prefer is the

Uptime – There are many companies who will promise you to give a high up time.

Can you imagine knowing you have paid for the hosting for the whole year, but one day when you wake up your website is down? Well it happens if you choose shady hosting companies.

The companies who don’t end up delivering this high up time are the ones who don’t have their own severs.

Those companies use reseller hosting from other companies, so they are not in full control of the main hosting sever. They rely on the support of other hosting in case something goes wrong. Just beware of that.

Support – Still there many web hosting companies that will promise you a 24/7 support service. You can reach out to their support through their live chat or telephone call or whatever communication system they use.

In some cases when you have a problem you need to be able to communicate with someone on the other side of the desk and let them take you through the process and solve the problem.

Number of Email Addresses – This is a service that has become standard in most hosting companies. Whether you are one man team running a blog or a big company with hundreds of employees you might need personalized emails with your domain.

Sever Location – This is were most companies lie, they often lie about having their own hosting servers in-house. Is very important to know where their hosting servers are located.

Even though you can use CDN on your website which will help you distribute your website files to the nearest sever of the people accessing your website you still need to host your site in a country where your target audience is based.

If you are using wordpress you can install the WP Super Cache plugin and enable the CDN feature.

bitcoin web hosting with other payment processors

Payment Processor – The reason why you are here is to find a list web hosting companies that accept bitcoin as payment.

There many major payment processors used by hosting companies, they include, Credit Cards, PayPal, Wire Transfer, Skrill, Neteller, Stripe, Perfect Money etc.

The ones that accept bitcoin have been more than appreciated in the online community.

cPanel – For you to access your website files you need either the cPanel login details or a FTP software like FileZilla. Hosting companies give access to your cPanel so you can upload, edit or delete your website files whenever you need.

If you have no idea what to do on your cPanel consult a web developer someone who can manage the technical stuff for you.

Additional features to look at:

Databases – Most websites use WordPress and wordpress runs on MySQL Database. A database stores the important tables of your website. You don’t have to worry about this if you don’t want to. A developer can handle all of this for you. You can also use one database for multiple wordpress installation, all you have to do is to change the prefix of the tables.

SSL Certificate – This is just an additional service you might have to pay for. SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer and the SSL Certificate helps bind small data files that bind a cryptographic key to the website details and place a security lock on the url of the website.

Easy Software Installation – There’s often one software you will need to install on your hosting account. It depends on the website you want to create, if you want to start a blog then you might have to install WordPress.

Installing WordPress on your hosting account should be a simple one click. That could take a few minutes.

What I’ve just given you is a list of things to look for when choosing a webhosting company.

Now let’s look at the a list of bitcoin web hosting companies that accept bitcoin and altcoins:


bitcoin web hosting with namecheap

First on the list is Namecheap, this company has been operating since the year 2000 and is based in the US. It has severs in both in the US and UK. Is a domain name registration and web hosting company with affordable prices.

Namecheap has all the features above, their prices are good, their shared hosting start from $2.85/month and it accept bitcoin as payment . You can pay can find your account through coinpayments, which is a payment gateway for bitcoin businesses.

If you wish to host with them click here to go to namechap.

Go to Namecheap

Bitcoin Web Hosting

bitcoin web hosting is been operating since 2013 and it offers anonymous hosting. Is also in the US with dedicated severs in Dallas, Texas and other in Amsterdam and Singapore.

BitcoinWebHosting prices start at $6/pm which might be slightly higher compared to most web hosting companies but they promise high quality service.

Their hosting includes all of the above and they accept bitcoin, ripple, litecoin, ethereum, bitcoin cash and monero.

Go to BitcoinWebHosting


bitcoin web hosting with hostinger

Hostinger is been operating since 2004 and it has grown to be one of the big web hosting companies and is a bitcoin web hosting companny. It has data centers in India, UK, Indonesia, and the US.

Hostiger prices start at $2.15/month, this is affordable for most people. Their Disk Space is also reasonable at 10GB

This web hosting accept bitcoin and you can pay through BitPay, a free bitcoin wallet that you can download on your desktop or mobile phone.

Go to Hostinger


WordPress also offers web hosting and they are among the web hosting that accept bitcoin.

Go to WordPress


bitcoin web hosting with hostwinds

HostingWinds is been in business since the year 2010. The company is based in the US, Tulsa, Oklahoma and Seatle, Washington state. The hostwinds prices start at $3.29/month for shared hosting. This company offers cloud hosting, VPS, reseller hosting and more.

They accept bitcoin and additional multiple altcoins including Litecoin since 2017.

Go to HostWinds

Other web hosting that accept bitcoin are the ones below:

Krystal Hosting
Orange Website

Still I recommend namecheap for both domain registration and hosting out of all this web hosting that accept bitcoin. Nameceap has all the features of a bitcoin web hosting and it offers high quality services.