Companies that accept bitcoin payments

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Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency is been well received by most companies. Now there are hundreds of companies that accept bitcoin as payment. The aim of creating bitcoin in the first place was to have a decentralize global economy.

This has been heard by many other governments in the world which led to accepting bitcoin as one of official currency. Japan became the first country to allow Bitcoin as the accepted currency.

When bitcoin first came out there were question about who’s going to accept it or how will people spend bitcoin. Around 2012 companies started to realized business potential behind cryptocurrency. Those companies who allowed the crytocurrency enthusiast to use bitcoin instead of other payment systems saw an increase in sales.

Some bitcoin exchange companies started to produce bitcoin cards so that people can withdraw cash in ATMs and make payments through POS systems. Instead of buying bitcoin and not knowing where to spend it, you are now faced with many options where you can use it as payment.

On this post I’ll give you some of the companies that will allow you to make bitcoin payments. This list includes big and small companies of which some are listed on the best stock exchange in the world.

Here are companies that accept bitcoin as payment:


The leading operating system producer Microsoft started accepting Bitcoin as payment in 2014.In early 2018 the company had stopped accepting bitcoin, then they reversed the decision after a week . You can buy Microsoft products from their store using bitcoin.


Namecheap is a domain name registration and a web hosting company that was established in year 2000. It offers all the services of a web hosting business including SSL certificates, Personalized emails etc. You can fund your account with Bitcoin and make payments it.


Etsy online marketplace where you can sell hand made or vintage products including crafts, paintings, statues and so on. Some vendors on this platform do accept bitcoin for their products.


Spectrocoin a bitcoin exchange that also sells bitcoin debit cards, you can get plastic cards and virtual cards. This means you can buy those bitcoin cards using bitcoin as payment. Some of the services include buying bitcoin and trading bitcoin with altcoins like Ether, XEM and DASH.


Gyft was established in 2012 by a South African internet entrepreneur Vinny Lingham. This is gift card platform where you can buy gift cards from major retailers in the world. You can get ordinary gift cards or corporate gift cards from Walmat, eBay, Nike and other major retailers.


CloudBet is a casino and sportbetting site where you can use bitcoin to fund your account and start playing. Some of the games in cloudbet include BlackJack and Roulette.

Bitcoin Store was found by Roger Vir as a bitcoin information and cryptocurrency news site . This site also has a Bitcoin Store were you can buy bitcoin related products such as Bitcoin Wallets, T-shirts, Socks and other products. You can buy those products using the Bitcoin payment system.


Bitify was launched in Australia as bitcoin marketplace where a users can sell any type of product including physical items for bitcoin. This site uses Escrew service which provides bitcoin trading security and users can rest assured that they can release their bitcoins once they receive their products. Some of the things you can sell on Bitify include eBooks, Software and Tutorials.


Shopify makes it easy for people to build their own online stores. You can open your own store selling any type of items, ebooks, softwares, courses as a Shopify Merchant and you can accept bitcoin as payment. Shopify started allowing merchants to accept in Bitcoin November 2013.


Expedia is an online travelling booking system were users can book for flights, hotel, cruses and cars. This site was established in 1996 and they started bitcoin in 2014. Expedia service the global community in terms providing quality booking in travelling and accommodation.


Newegg is one of the major online retailers were you can buy different kinds of products mainly electronic products. If you are someone who prefers buying computer parts then building your own powerful computer Newegg can provide you with parts.


Cheapair is a private American based airline company that promise to give it’s customers lower price on flights. The company is been operating since 1989 and has a long history in the flight industry. This company allows customers to pay with bitcoin when booking flights.

Virgin Galactic

Virgin Galactic is part of the Virgin Group, one of Richards Branson’s Virgin companies for developing spacecrafts. This company was establised in 2004 and it joins the list of cool companies.s


Badoo is a social networking and online dating site with a history of connecting people around the worldwide. Since 2006 Badoo has grown to be one of the largest online dating platforms and it can be accessed in over 180 countries around the world.


WordPress founders started it as a open source platform for bloggers and allowed anyone users to contribute to the improvement of this platform. In 2014 WordPress allowed eCommerce users with eCommerce accept bitcoin on their stores. This means you can use plugins to accept bitcoin without the third party service, the bitcoins go direct into your bitcoin wallet.


Reddit is a web forum were you can find almost any topic under the sun. You can fun any subreddit were individuals around the world share their knowledge. On Reddit you can now upgrade to a premium status using bitcoin as payment.


This company has been operating since 1997 is now among the big entertainment businesses. One of the largest film production companies Lionsgate is one of the companies that accept bitcoin as payment.

Save the children

Save the children is a global organisation that believes every child deserves better life, quality education and good health. The organisation started accepting bitcoin donations in 2014, through Bitpay. If you wish to donate bitcoins to Save the children click and learn more here.

Bitcoinshirt is a online retailer that sells bitcoin printed items. You can find long and sleeve shirts and many other products. This is a great place to spend your bitcoin, you can do so supporting supporting and promoting bitcoin clothing.


The number one encyclopedia with openly added information Wikipedia was launched in 2001 and anyone can contribute their desired knowledge. Similar to WordPress, since this site is open source it makes sense for it to accept bitcoin. This partnered with Coinbase to start accepting bitcoin donations.


An SSL certificate gives your website visitors to trust your site, it also helps in search engine rankings. If you need a SSL certificate for your website then CyberSSL is one of the place to buy. CyberSSL is one of the places were you can buy the SSL certificate with bitcoin.


Hostinger is web hosting company similar to Namecheap. It provides domain name registration, website hosting and more. This company is been operating since year 2004 and you can pay with bitcoin if you don’t want to use other payment methods.


The Tesla motor company was established in honor of Nichola Tesla. This company now produces energy saving cars and other types of products. This company become one of the largest companies to accept bitcoin in the world.


The largest eCommerce site in Japan, Rakuten is known worldwide to be one of the Asia’s eCommerce retailers since 1997. Rakuten is been a site were you can spend Bitcoin since 2015. At Rakuten you can buy many products, from breastfeeding products to Men’s Jackets to Pijamas and more.

Naughty America

One of the exclusive adult content provider Naughty America is on the list of companies where you can spend your bitccoin. This site is been accepting the leading cryptocurrency since 2015. Shortly after they started accepting Bitcoin, other sites in the industry followed, this include sites like Pornhub, Chaturbate and Playboy.


If you want to spend Bitcoin the same way you spend the Dollar bill then the Opendime stick will provide you with that. The opendime stick works with every phone, desktop or laptop, you can even connect it to any USB port to check balance. allow users people to buy Amazon products at a discounted price. You just find someone with Amazon credit and exchange bitcoin with them. In return you can sell the items you bought at low price on another platform like eBay, that’s if you want to make money with this method.