Convert bitcoin to rand: 5 tools to help you convert BTC to ZAR

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We often need to convert bitcoin to rand so that we can see the exact amount of rand our bitcoins we’ll give us.
On this post I’ll give you 5 accurate calculators online that you can use to convert BTC to ZAR.
Some of this calculators works with any currency and I will highlight them for you.

This tools can be used by anyone who already has bitcoin and want to convert it to South African Rand, USD or any currency. They can also be used by anyone who wants to buy bitcoin and spend them somewhere else.

If you want to buy bitcoin in South Africa you can buy it at CoinDirect or at Luno


This mean you can convert from USD to Bitcoin or from Bitcoin to South African Rand and so on. You can find any currency combination and click on it to convert your desired currency. This tool is one of the major cryptocurrency tools on the internet.

Unitconverters can help you convert any type of currency to the one you want. It also helps engineers and technicians to convert units in their field. By choosing a currency combination you are making things easier so that you wont waste time. is the first cryptocurrency calculator that I came across in 2016. I prefer this calculator because it helps you convert not only BTC to any currency. But you can also convert mBTC(milliBitcoin), uBTC(microBitcoin) and kBTC(kiloBitcoin).

With this Preev tool you can also convert Litecoins and Dogecoin to any currency. This means you can convert them to South African Rands if you desire. For you to be able get ZAR you will need to click on the drop down(on USD) and type in the ZAR on the search box then select South African Rand.


CoinMill is another online calculator you can use to convert bitcoin to rand. The interface of this website is very easy to understand. All you need to do is to type in the number of bitcoins you want to convert to South African Rand then click on the convert button.
You will notice that on the left hand side of your screen they have already made it easy for you. They show you a table with the number of bitcoins in BTC and the amount it costs at the current moment. This saves you time in case you the number of bitcoins you have are in the table.

Fx-Rate is a website that helps you convert from any currency to any including converting BTC to ZAR and vice versa. This tool is mostly used by Forex traders to convert currencies anywhere in the world.
When using this tool you will see that it uses auto fill to show you the results. You don’t have to do much, you just enter the number of bitcoin you want to convert, the results will shown on the other box.

Google Currency Converter

Yes Google, If you don’t want to use any of the calculator on the internet, you can always use google. Just type the phrases “Convert bitcoin to rand” on on the google search box, you will see a google calculator. Then enter the amount of bitcoins you want to convert to bitcoin on the Bitcoin textbox.
You will see the results will be auto filled for you, so you won’t have to enter the click on any search button. The google currency converter is by far the most used calculator. With it you can convert ant cryptocurrency to any fiat currency.


There are many other tools that you can convert bitcoin to any currency. This five calculators are just some that you can use to convert bitcoin to rand online. Use any of this tools if you want to buy bitcoin and want to know the exchange rate.

Even though this calculators might not give you the same results as the ones used in the bitcoin exchanges since the exchange rates differ in various exchanges. You will get a light on how much you can spend when buying your bitcoins.