How to Get a bitcoin debit card in South Africa

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If you are in south Africa and want to get a bitcoin card, you would ask yourself how do you get a bitcoin debit card in South Africa. There’s a huge number of online business that accept bitcoin online and but if you want to spend your coins without converting them to fiat currency then you can do so buy using bitcoin debit card.

With a bitcoin debit card you make payments on almost any type of POS system. You can also withdraw cash from an ATM.

The two types of bitcoin card processors VISA and MasterCard have made easy for card users to make payments.
One of the things to lookout for when using a bitcoin card is the transaction fee. Just like using any type of bank card there are fees that you will incur.

Apart from that you can use a bitcoin card anywhere in the world. If you are a person who travels a lot and would like to get a bitcoin card that you can use anywhere. Or you are a based in South Africa and would like to use a bitcoin debit card instead of your bank card then this is for you.

How to get a bitcoin debit card in South Africa:

There are two debit cards that I will recommend if you want to get a bitcoin card in South Africa. I chose this cards based on their availability in SA, price, transaction fees, daily limits and loading fees.

Choose one of this bitcoin debit cards:


Cryptopay bitcoin debit card is one of those that is accepted in South Africa, it is powered by VISA. You can apply for this card through their website. It will cost you $15 to apply for the physical card and you can use it anywhere in the world.

This debit card has a monthly fee of $1 and a 1% loading fee.The standard worldwide delivery is free but this means you’ll have to wait longer to receive the card. You also have the option to get it delivered sooner in few days if you choose the express delivery($75).

ATM transactions will cost you $2.50 transactions while international ATM transaction will charge you $3.50 per transaction. The foreign exchange fees is 3% and the third-party loading fee is 1.99%.

When it comes to Account limits, if you are not a verified customer you can load up to $1000 while verified customers can load up to $2000. You are limited to withdraw only twice a day for the amount of up to $400. This mean you can only do $200 per withdrawal on an ATM.

If you wish to be a verified customer you will need to upload your ID copy, Passport or a selfie holding your ID. You can get a bitcoin debit card in South Africa by click here and apply for the bitcoin card.


Spectrocoin is another bitcoin debit card that can also be delivered in South Africa. The price of their physical card is $50. This card also has a virtual card which can only be used online to make payments.

It has a monthly service charges of $1 and the Point of Sale transaction fees is $0.25 per transaction. The currency exchange is 3% and it two days to a week to receive it.

The top up limit is $250 per day and you get two maximum top ups per day. The minimum to up is $10 while you can withdraw up to $1500 per day. The deposited amount can only be viewed in USD or EUR and it can only be loaded with fiat currency.

On Spectrocoin you also buy bitcoin, you can fund you account first before buying. You can get a bitcoin debit card in South Africa by applying for any of this two cards. Choose the one you prefer you can start marking payments with it anywhere in South Africa.

Some of the place to buy bitcoin in SA include CointDirect and Luno