Buy Bitcoin

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There are many ways on how to buy bitcoin, is easy as a,b,c. You can choose one method and stick to it.

You can buy bitcoin through the following ways.

All of this methods use multiple payment processors. You can either pay with a Credit Card, Debit Card, PayPal, FTP and so on.

I’ve created a few guides to help you choose the methods you can use to buy bitcoins.

But first before you buy bitcoins you need to get a bitcoin wallet, a wallet will help you store your bitcoin.

Is always wise to choose a secured bitcoin wallet.

Follow this step by step guides on how to buy bitcoin:

If you are new to bitcoin or the cryptocurrency world you would want to know what is bitcoin. Read a well thought out article explaining everything about bitcoin.

Reasons to buy bitcoin:

There are many reasons why you would buy bitcoin. You can buy it because you want to use make an online payment.

Or it might be that you have seen some companies that accept bitcoin. and thought it would wise to pay with bitcoin instead of fiat currency.

Another reason would be to start trading in at bitcoin trading platforms. This requires some technical trading skills due to high risk the industry. Some bitcoin trading platforms show you how to buy bitcoin and start  future trading.

One other reason for buying bitcoin could be to trade your bitcoin in peer to peer bitcoin exchange. Doing this would eventual give you profits since you would be buying low and selling high.

Those are some of the legit ways to earn bitcoin. You would rather follow the above mentioned reasons than participating in high yield investment programs.

Better yet still, if you can not buy bitcoin you can  work for bitcoin. Find out which companies will pay you in bitcoin if you work for them.

One way to earn bitcoin on the internet is to participate in bitcoin affiliate programs. This will require you to gain some affiliate marketing skills. With affiliate marketing you can earn free bitcoins, which could be a great boost in the future.

Oh you can also buy bitcoin to play in the bitcoin casinos on the market. You need to find bitcoin casinos with fair play features. In those casino you can double, triple your bitcoins if your are really lucky and keen. 

Buying bitcoin in a bitcoin exchange

You can buy bitcoin in a bitcoin exchange, this is more easy than some of the methods. A bitcoin exchange is a platform that provides bitcoin wallets and can also act as bitcoin broker.

In some bitcoin exchanges you will required to verify your identity. You can do so by uploading your ID document, Passport or a Driver’s license.

There are bitcoin exchanges that function world wide and some only work in their countries. You can choose the one that is suitable for you.

The international bitcoin exchanges use international payment methods like PayPal, Credit Cards/Debit Cards and so on. Find out from the out on their website which payment methods they use.

Buying bitcoin in P2P exchange

P2P means peer to peer, meaning you can buy bitcoin from your friend. This can be a safe way to buy bitcoin if you know the person you are buying from.

There are also bitcoin P2P bitcoin exchange platforms that allow you to meet bitcoin buyers. In this platforms you can also be the seller. This can be a lucrative business if you know where to buy bitcoins at a low price.

There’s also some risk involved if you are planning to meet face to face with strangers. Since there’s cash involved in a face to face  bitcoin exchange, you would rather sell or buy bitcoins to the people you know personally.

Or perhaps just stick to doing transactions online since this platforms allow you to do that. In an online transaction both the buyer and the seller are bind by the system to make an agreement.

The seller wont receiver the funds if the buyer has not confirmed the selling of bitcoins. The system is linked to an Escrew system which makes the transaction simple. You can learn how to buy bitcoin and sell them in P2P platforms and make profits.

The most popular P2P bitcoin exchanges include: