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Let me give you of the genuine ways to make money with bitcoin, you can write articles for bitcoin.

Writing is a skill that is highly appreciated by most people. There are people who can’t write, maybe they are too busy with other things. Or they don’t enjoy writing, they can use your skills.

Bitcoin and the blockchain technology are fairly new and there’s quite a shortage of content on it. If you have good research skills and you can write quality content then blockchain companies would like to hire you.

Why  use bitcoin?

Choosing bitcoin as a payment over other payment systems gives many benefits. Bitcoin has more advantages than all payment systems.

Bitcoin transactions can take a few minutes to reach your wallet. The transactions fees are also way less compared to the rest.

Here are freelance writing platforms were you can write articles for bitcoin.


Writing gigs are always available on this platform. There are many new websites who are constantly looking for freelance writers.

You can bid for writing gigs on XBTFreelancer and write articles for bitcoins.

This platform is good for someone who wants to get started in freelance writing. You can bid from any amount, say $10 for writing 400 words articles.

Apart from writing you can also bit for other jobs and work for bitcoin startups, or major companies in the cryptocurrency industry.


This is a high standard freelance platform where users can pay in bitcoin. On upwork you can find high profiled site or company owners looking for freelancers.

Again if you are passionate about writing and can produce compelling content, then bid for gigs on Upwork.

Blockchain Micro Jobs

BlockchainMicroJobs is a website similar to fiverr or upwork, users can advertise their skills and set a minimum pay they are willing to do the gig for you.

This website a new, not too many people already know about it but, there are already people from different countries who already started promoting their skills. This means you can also do the same, sooner or later you will get high paying bitcoin jobs.

As a blockchain technology writer or cryptocurrency this platform might come in handy for you. You can advertise yourself as a writer and start getting freelance writing jobs.

Well established sites to write for bitcoin:


Bitcoinist is a crypto currency site focusing on bitcoin, altcoins, the blockchain technology and so on.

If you are an experienced cryptocurrency writer then Bitcoinist is looking for you. The skills you are focusing on are, writing experience, news reporting and WordPress skills.

If you can do video reports then you are also welcome. The type of content they are looking for is short news, reports, reviews and articles.

You can contact them via their email, click here to see it.


CoinSutra is blog established in 2016 by the ShoutMeLout.com founder Harsh Agrawal, a well established blogger with a long history in blogging.

He’s been blogging since 2008, the first blog covers blogging, WordPress, making money online and more and now runs the cryptocurrency blog, CoinSutra.

CoinSutra covers bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. This site now accepts crypto writers in various topics. The topics can include tools, articles, crypto analysis and more.

You can contact them for their pay rate, sure thing they will pay you in bitcoin.

Go to CoinSutra

Crypto Currency News(CCN)

CCN is been one of the reliable crypto news sites since it’s inception. They cover various topics including altcoin latest news, analysis and technology.

This site is looking for experienced writers only, if  you have minimal experience then they might not consider you.

It will be easy to write articles for bitcoin, if you show some proof. Try polishing your writing skills first and have samples in a number of crypto topics before apply on CCN.

Go to CCN


Cryptorunner is seeking for freelance writer in the Bitcoin ecosystem. This site is very specific about the type of content they are looking for.

They are need, reviews, guides and articles. If you you can write long content between 1000 to 3000 words, this site will work for you.

You should stay updated about the cryptocurrency world, and be able to perform thorough research before writing for them.

The minimum article to submit in a week is one article. Meaning you should be prepared to produce quality content consistently.


Unhashed is also a cryptocurrency site that covers various topics in cryptocurrency. Most of their topics include reviews, guides, news and cryptocurrency prices.

They accept cryocurrency writers both as paid contributors and guest post writers.

The admin of this site will need a few samples of your work, including your experience in blockchain, and links to your social channels. Click here to go to unhashed.

Get motivation from Kyle:

Kyle Torgey became a full time cryptocurrency writer in 2014. Simply put, he earns bitcoin for writing articles for other websites.

He’s been featured in on Forbes, Bitcoin Magazine, Crypto Journal, Nasdaq and major sites. See Kyle’s profile here and get motivated.

Simple tip:

This tip will apply if you are really serious to start earning bitcoins for writing articles

Start researching on various topics in the cryptocurrency space. This includes news, articles, tools, tutorials, guides and so on.

Then start writing small articles of about 500 to 1000 words. You can use WordPress to publish those articles.

The best way is to start a blog and publish content on regular bases. Once you have 10 to 20 articles on your blog then you start applying for freelance work.

What you can include on your blog is a about page, where you explain any interesting things you have done that are related to your writing.

Another page that you can add is Hire Me page. On this page you should specify why people should hire you.

Once you get more people to higher you, go back to your blog and update it. You can even the current projects that you are busy with at the time if they are any.

Start writing for small publications, then grow you profile every chance you get.

You can contribute your articles on this site:

Please Note: You will only get exposure in this websites, the websites that will pay you are the ones mentioned above.

Bitcoin Tech Weekly



Bitcoin Magazine

This sites will help you get exposure. The more articles you submit the better chances of getting bitcoin writing gigs.


After going through this post, I believe you already got an idea on where to start. There are freelancing platforms and well established sites that you can write articles for bitcoin for.

You can choose to be a freelance writer, a full time writer, or a contributor on some of this sites.

In order to get hired as a writer you should create a writers profile to showcase your work.